Pentagon: Car Window Tinting

What To Watch Out For

At Pentagon we are all about quality and we regularly come across tales of woe where customers have their cars tinted by other companies using inferior methods.

While there are other excellent tint companies there are a lot of cowboys within the industry - in the last 5 or 6 years the standard of these poor quality jobs has become worse. Below we list a few things to watch out for.

Scratches on my brand new car!! At Pentagon we never cut film to shape on the outside of your glass.

We have seen dozens of customers cars where the glass has been scratched all over by other window tint companies - who when confronted claim the scratches were already there - or end up replacing the glass. Just google "scratched glass cutting tint" and read for yourself.

Below are just a couple of examples one on a BMW 3 series coupe, where a metalised film had been used and was causing signal interference - we had to remove the old film and replace it which solved the radio issue but not the huge scratch in the glass. The one below is on a brand new as yet unsold Honda CRV tinted for a Honda Dealership - we have seen brand new cars with damage on every piece of glass clearly caused by cutting the film to shape on the outside.

Scratched Glass Scratched Glass

If a company promises a "factory finish quality" it should have no gaps or light leaks.

At Pentagon we never leave gaps at the top or sides of windows. This takes longer and requires more skill but the end result is a factory finish look. Gaps at the top come from the belief that the film will peel while in the top seal and poor installation techniques. Below shows some pictures of gaps on cars that we have been asked to re-tint correctly - the first shown looks like a DIY jobs but incredibly the customer had paid for this.

Gaps in the glass Gaps in the glass Gaps in the glass Gaps in the glass

I have Bubbles in my windows.

This is by far the most common thing we see. It is caused by bits of dirt, dust, hairs any airborne particles getting between the film and glass. This can happen through poor working environment, poor installation when the adhesive side touches hands - car window tinting is a real art to get right. Below shows some pictures of so called "professional jobs" as such they should be perfect - as you can see they are anything but.

Contaminated window tinting Contaminated window tinting Contaminated window tinting

Poor quality film

Last but by no means least you have companies using the cheapest film possible. Which can not only turn Purple or blue it can turn clear! A bigger problem is adhesive failure which can obscure your vision and make driving dangerous. The pictures below were taken of a discovery which was only three years old. Assuming the vehicle was tinted from new the film would be no more than three years old. Can you see the ripples as you look through the glass?

poor quality film

Not only cheap film but a poor finish with a gap at the top.

poor quality film

A brand new Land Rover Evoque was recently bought to us to be re done by a customer who reported that despite telling the company who tinted the vehicle she was not happy with the result - they informed her it was the best that could be done and the flaws/bubbles were "normal". Her whole experience of owning a new car had been spoiled by this. Below are just a few pictures showing gaps, light leaks, bubbles, and creases. There were problems with every single window.

poor quality film poor quality film poor quality film poor quality film poor quality film

If you think hiring a professional is expensive wait till you get the bill after using an amateur!