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"At our central unit in Reading we prepare 3000 new and used Mercedes Benz a year. We have dealt with Pentagon Reading for a number of years for both tinting and security film. They offer value, quality of workmanship and professionalism, a rare combination indeed. This is why we will continue to use and recommend them."

Chris Brown - (Group Used Car Manager) Greenoaks Mercedes Benz

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Pentagon Glass Tech

Pentagon: Tinted Supaglass Security Film

The super-strong option

Supaglass is an invisible super-strong 300-micron thick (minimum) polyester based laminate, professionally bonded to the inside of the main side windows of your car. It is incredibly tough, optically clear, colourless (and also available in tinted versions), scratch resistant and easy to keep clean.

Preparing Supaglass is a highly specialised process. Supaglass is the only automotive security film system of its type that has a Thatcham Q listing.

The benefits of Supaglass include:

º Side impact protection.
º Roll-over protection.
º Anti car-jacking.
º Resistance to thieves and smash and grab theft.
º Safe escape - SupaGlass protected windows are designed to allow shattered windows be pushed out from inside the vehicle.
º Lifetime guarantee: only with a Pentagon professional application.


What is Supaglass?

Supaglass is an incredibly tough and super-strong polyester based laminate that is professionally bonded to the inside of the side windows of your car. It is optically clear, colourless and invisible from both inside and the outside of your car, scratch resistant and easy to keep clean. It is available in clear and tinted versions.

Can Supaglass be fitted to my rear screen?

In 95% of cases, no. This is because Supaglass is too thick at 300 microns and most rear screens have too great a compound curve. Some cars with flat rear screens can be fitted - talk to us at the time of fitting for the best advice.

Why do you take windows out to fit Supaglass?

If the glass is shattered Supaglass helps to hold the window in place making it very difficult to push or smash through. This can only be done by covering the glass completely and anchoring to the window regulator. If that's not done then, once smashed, the window will simply push into the car.

Will ordinary tint film do the same as Supaglass?

No, ordinary film will hold most of the glass pieces together, but a second blow will cause the window to collapse or puncture a huge whole in the film.

Is Pentagon Supaglass bulletproof?

No, although it has some bullet resistance against small calibre firearms - see video, here.

How do I get out through a window that has Supaglass installed?

Should you need to exit a car through the glass after an accident, SupaGlass-protected windows are designed to allow a shattered window to be pushed out from inside of the vehicle.

As Supaglass is so thick will it affect my windows going up and down?

No, we have encountered no such problems.